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XFN Giants Fight Night: Back To The O2 Arena – 28th of June, 2018

Karlos “Terminator” Vemola, Makhmud “Mach” Muradov, Petr “Monster” Prince, Ivan “Buki” Buchinger, Jaroslav “Jubox” Pokorný, Patrik Kincl, Sandra “Medojed” Mašková.

The best of the best of Czech MMA scene comes back after half a year and tries to overcome the biggest event in the history of the Czech MMA, which was organized by the XFN on 7th of December, 2017 in the O2 Arena. On that day the arena was attended by 7,500 visitors. The XFN gala fight night called: Back to the O2 Arena, which will take place on June 28, 2018, aims to beat that level.

There are no doubts that the level of 7500 attendace in the O2 Arena in Prague is expected to be exceeded. The main reason is – several big fights that will make it worthwhile to visit. Policeman Jaroslav “Jubox” Pokorný – one of the best Czech MMA fighters called out an opponent who fought the famous superstar Connor McGregor – Ivan Buchinger lost against McGregor in the 1st round, but since then he has made a row of 10 victories. Buchinger, who is one of Europeans top MMA fighters, with 33 wins and only 6 defeats, will be a very difficult opponent for Pokorny.

However, there will be more big fights in the O2 Arena by XFN: Back to the O2 Arena! We can look forward to the winner of the World Games Sandra “Medojeda” Maskova. Czech superstar fighter who has got the experience from several fights in UFC – Karlos “Terminator” Vemola will face his opponent also in the cage! The first MMA fighter in Floyd Mayweather’s team – Uzbekian native man Makhmud “Mach” Muradov will be also ready to beat his rival. The show of the best fighters can not be done without the presence of the best Czech fighter in the welterweight division – Patrik Kincl and the phenomenon of the Czech MMA – Petr “Monster” Knize

The XFN Gala Fight Night: Back to the O2 Arena is really something to look forward to! Such a concentration of great fights and big names in one gala evening has not been here for a long time. Make sure you witness this event!

Tickets for the event are available HERE.

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