So exclusive and inexpensive!

aaa exclusive club

šrobárova 6, Prague

Opening hours
Monday, Tuesday: 19 – 04
Wednesday, Thursday: 19 – 05
Friday, Saturday: 19 – 06
Sunday: 19 – 04

Sexy girls, companions Prague

In our Prague night club AAA Exclusive Club is usually 10 to 30 sexy girls (companions) for the evening. Believe it does not matter the total number of girls in the club, but the appearance, behavior, purity, and quality of the services. You will certainly agree with that.

If the number of letters “A” in the name was a way to express the quality of the services provided, the AAA Exclusive Club would have earned at least twice as much. Pleasant atmosphere, the number of fulfilled wishes and really sexy girls are what makes the AAA Exclusive Club one of the best nightclubs in Prague! Bartenders, waitresses, masseuses, companions, cleaners and taxi drivers – all of them incredibly sexy. The AAA Exclusive Club nightclub cares for the pleasant atmosphere and comfort of all its visitors – the principle that is at the top of the nightclub. You will feel this principle in the company always – sexy girls will give you very often the feeling that your comfort is first and foremost. The AAA Exclusive Club is not just a nightclub but also a strip club where you can enjoy a fresh show full of sexy girls, erotic massage full of (and not only) ecstasy, but also a place where you will always feel like real men. Best of all, no one will force you into anything! You do not want to, okay – nevermind, enjoy the AAA Exclusive Club relax with the sexy girls and all that the nightclub and strip club offers. The entertainment and relaxation services offered by AAA Exclusive Club are really great.

Entry to the club

Entrance fee to the night club is only 300 CZK (12 €, 14 $). Includes free Prague transport to our nightclub with our taxi transport, EROTIC DANCE SHOW, 1 drink and always pleasant atmosphere with good mood and especially sexy beautiful girls who are very pleased with you in our nightclub.

Take advantage of the professional services of our nightclub with unique benefits. In our nightclub, near the center of Prague, you will experience stunning strip-show, topless dance, erotic massage, sensual tantra massage, first class BDSM services in a special BDSM room, and have an extensive drink beverage bar with a snack bar for your snacks.
At your request, we can arrange a sexy birthday party (B-DAY PARTY) and a sexy farewell party or weekend with freedom including optional service packages.
You will see beautiful sexy girls with whom you can get acquainted with the night business or use escort escort companies in Prague and outside Prague all over the Czech Republic and abroad.
In the case of reservation of services and escort services (company escort, hotel, dinner, business meeting, holiday, etc.) you can contact us on the phone even without visiting our night business.

What say about themselves?

Welcome to our night club – cabaret and strip bar. In our nightclub you enjoy a great atmosphere and show with sexy blonde, brunette and redhead girls. Our night club is one of the TOP Nightclubs in Prague, located near the center of Prague at 6 Šrobárova Street, 101 00 Prague 10-Vinohrady, Czech Republic. Our club is located 300 meters from Flora Metro, in the direction of Korunní and from the Flora Metro, the second street to the left.

Our nightclub and bar are very popular with its high quality, and therefore it is right for us to recognize the private sexy night club with the popular reputation in the Prague from the Czech Republic. Our night club AAA Exclusive Club Prague is really another category in quality of service from most Prague nightclubs. Come to see the club and check out our TOP quality or call us and our own taxi will take you to the club for free.


Credit cards, Euro and US Dollars are accepted.

The possibility of withdrawing cash from ATM on the ground floor our club


In night club, of course, you can rent a room to spend private sexy moments and relax with the girl of your dreams.

Free transportation to the club

Do not call a classic taxi and save with our transport! Most taxi drivers are encouraged to go to another nightclub where a taxi driver will reward a very fat commission that you pay in the final


At the AAA Exclusive Club nightclub you will meet and meet sexy girls (blonde, brunette, redhead and brunette) who love to visit us for a long time.

How did you like your visit to the AAA Exclusive Club? Would you rate the AAA Exclusive Club by three A, or would you like to give the nightclub higher rating? We would not be surprised if you wanted to give a nightclub even higher rating – there are really few places in Prague that can compete with AAA Exclusive Club with quality and professionalism! AAA Exclusive Club is full of beautiful and sexy girls who will give you the best erotic massage – and even it can end up the way you want! And that certainly does not have to finish for you. You can enjoy the sexy girls from AAA Exclusive Club as much as you want because it seems like there is unlimited amount of girls there :). The AAA Exclusive Club Night Club is not a typical nightclub – sex-appealing atmosphere is in the nightclub everywhere. But you already know it :). Do not forget about Happy Hours (that are) from 19:00 to 22:00. Let us know how you enjoyed visiting night club and what you think about those A letters :)?