SPA FOR MEN – A symptomatic name for one of the best erotic salons in Prague. For a place where you can rest not only your body but also your mind. Beautiful and professional masseuses, who dominate this part of Prague, will take care of your pleasure in the vaulted spaces in Prague 3. The result will be the best massage (not only EROTIC!) you have ever experienced. Regardless of the experience you have with erotic massages so far.

The SPA FOR MEN premises are extensive and filled with dark corridors lit with dim lights that underline the eroticism present everywhere. The SPA FOR MEN rooms have a large number of mirrors placed around the beds so that you have a perfect view of each part of the masseuse’s body. Pretty close and in detail. Looking at their beautiful bodies is definitely worth it. Looking isn’t everything – that is, if you want – you can touch the masseuse. With the sound of relaxing music, it will make (not only wink) your hair stand up as soon as the beautiful oiled body of the masseuse is pressed to yours and adheres to it. Anyone visiting SPA FOR MEN will experience the mixed feelings of having your eyes closed and enjoying the perfect feeling of massage or looking in the mirrors and enjoying the view of the perfect curves sliding on your body.

After visiting SPA FOR MEN, we fully agree with the motto of the erotic salon that ‘client’s satisfaction is always the priority’. We certainly didn’t leave this salon dissatisfied! A visit to SPA FOR MEN is absolutely recommended to all who want to enjoy a professional and erotic massage from sexy young masseuses.

Free of all woes – this is what anyone who visits the NIRVANA erotic salon in Prague 2 will feel. Beautiful spaces and stunning young masseuses transfer your body and mind to another dimension, accompanied by the sound of exotic erotic music. The dimension in which you wish time would stop, but the erotic and professional touches would never stop.

Prague has a large number of erotic salons or businesses that pretend to be erotic salons. But not NIRVANA MASSAGE, a company that is synonymous with the meaning of ‘erotic salon’ and a precise example of what an erotic salon should look like and how it should be operated. From A to Z!

Beautiful and pleasant spaces, pretty and professional masseuses who look exactly as they are shown on the erotic salon’s website and appropriate prices! Masseuses’ professionalism is what makes this erotic salon rightfully one of the best erotic salons in Prague. Those who haven’t visited NIRVANA MASSAGE don’t know what ‘erotic massages’ are. Combining the perfect massage to relax your body with erotic touches from beautiful young masseuses that relax your mind, this salon will be the place where you will like to return.

Discovering nirvana is often a lifelong journey. But not after visiting this erotic massage salon – as soon as you place your body on the bed and feel the first touches of the masseuse’s intimate parts on your body, you realize that nirvana is close. Beautiful masseuses will take care of your journey and fulfil all your ideas – with a smile on their face. During a Pussycat massage with a smile on their face thanks to your kisses on the intimate parts of masseuses =)… We recommend visiting NIRVANA MASSAGE to all who long for full relaxation and feeling of fulfilment in the company of beautiful young masseuses.

Angels…, sexy young angels with a flexible body and a spark in their eyes – they will massage your body in RELAX ANGEL in Prague 5. An erotic salon where you will feel like in heaven despite the fact that your body will only relax on the first floor of a historic building where the angels of RELAX ANGEL are located. You won’t feel that masseuses enjoy erotic massage even more than you in any other salon, even though your pleasure will still be their priority.

An inconspicuous historic building on one of the busiest streets in Prague 5 – Anděl (‘angel’ in English) hides an incredible amount of sex appeal on its first floor, which you will feel almost as soon as one of the angels opens the door. Where else should angels actually reside if not at Anděl? =)

Professionalism, sexual tension, passion, excitement and a tremendous amount of relaxation take place in every room where masseuses show in which they rightfully rank among the TOP in the Czech Republic. Sexy, firm and smooth-shaved bodies and intimate parts of masseuses can be seen (not only) in mirrors that line the bed frames and offer you perfect views of all the beautiful curves of sexy angels. The curves you want to reach, the ones you want to hold and pat a little… and you can do all that in RELAX ANGEL – no matter what massage you choose.

RELAX ANGEL, a business between heaven and earth. A place that gives the term ‘erotic massage’ a higher meaning. You will surely like to come back between the sexy bodies of the angels and under their bodies and intimate parts they love to use for massages. Personally tested.


Thámova 396/1, Prague 8
Phone: +420 722 068 519
OPEN: 10 AM – 10 PM (Mo – Fr) and 12 PM – 10 PM (Sa, Su)

The most risqué erotic massages in Prague await you in Chilli Salon in Thámova Street. Luxurious premises, pleasant and professional approach and beautiful smiling masseuses who give priority to your satisfaction.

Regardless of whether you desire an oil massage, body-to-body massage, BDSM massage, lesbian show or penis massage, you will always be satisfied, extremely relaxed and thinking about your next visit. The fact that anyone who has already visited Chilli Salon likes to return is the proof that it’s a unique experience.

The new Chilli Salon premises are a place not only for the most erotic massages you can experience in Prague, but also a great place for business meetings and bachelor parties. There is a fully stocked bar, full privacy, clean and cosy rooms and lots of beautiful masseuses that will conquer your body with their every touch available for you.

Ever wanted to try BDSM? In combination with eroticism, BDSM massages are the real gem that gives the name CHILLI the right meaning. Let sexy masseuses do what they like in luxury rooms and you will get an unforgettable experience full of orgasms in return.

Every movement of the masseuse’s body can be seen from in detail in mirrors which are placed close to the beds, or you can control the masseuse’s movements with your own touch on her glowing body.

We recommend visiting CHILLI SALON not only for those who like ‘a bit spicier massages’, but for all who want to have their body pampered by beautiful, sensual and professional masseuses. Those erotic masseuses who can take everything firmly into their hands and give you everything your body and mind desire with a captivating smile on their face.