STEAMPUNK PRAGUE – music bar, cocktail bar and restaurant – all in one place, all on one of the most party streets in Prague. In recent years, STEAMPUNK PRAGUE has been considered one of the best bars and cocktail bars in Prague, where the biggest parties last until the morning. Great DJs, excellent food, the best drinks from the best bartenders from Prague, beautiful waitresses, nice people and an unforgettable party on two floors in the street V Kolkovně. You do not have to worry, punks do not go to STEAMPUNK, but you can meet a lot of significant and beautiful people there who are enjoying a stay in STEAMPUNK. There are lots of events in STEAMPUNK, which are full of young people and especially sexy girls who show their dance skills on the floor and their stamina of drinking cocktails at the bar. If you visit Prague, it is your responsibility to visit STEAMPUNK on the biggest party street in Prague – you will not even understand how much you will enjoy your visit to STEAMPUNK.



Mo-Fri 8:00 – 4:00

Sat-Sun 9:00 – 4:00

Kitchen works: 23:00 (Fri-Sat 01:00)


Mo-Sun 21:00 – 6:00


Mon-Sun: 18:00 – 03:00

V  Kolkovně 5, Prague 1

What steampunk say about themselves?

You have come to the world of fantasy, full of steam-based technology as a primary energy source. Stylish restaurant for steampunk fans and lovers will become your haven from the real.

The steampunk bar is located in the center of Prague. You can get everything from breakfast to cocktail in the morning. Steampunk is not just a style. It’s a way of thinking.

Were we right that STEAMPUNK PRAGUE is one of the best bars and cocktail bars you’ve ever visited? We are not surprised, STEAMPUNK PRAGUE is just perfect! The beautiful interior of the place, with funny bartenders, sexy waitresses, great music, delicious food and cocktails give the place a spell that will make an unforgettable party every evening. It does not matter whether you have arrived in the company immediately after opening hours or just before closing time – the place is popular among Czechs and tourists, so there is a lot to do from the beginning until the end. Yet you have no problem sitting down when you need and no problem hearing what you want to hear and when you want to hear it. Two floors full of party – well, we will be glad if you let us know about your impressions after visiting STEAMPUNK PRAGUE – we are looking forward to them.:)