Is it possible for you to book a girl for the night to my hotel?

Yes, but it is necessary to lodge a financial deposit, and ideally this matter, contact manager / bartender.

I'd like to order the girl to him at his hotel. What can I do?

It is best to visit our clubs and the girl personally choose. Alternatively, call us and we will suggest the girl to your liking.

This ensures me of your clubs service to my hotel or home?

Yes, in clubs is continuously available service car that will take you or take. More on Contact Information.

It is possible to take the girl to escort to another country?

Yes, but it is necessary to contact us, visit one of the clubs and the Ladies to choose.

We would like a girl into a threesome with my partner, is it possible?

Yes, this is not a problem. For each of our girls shows their specialization.

I like Miss Lucy, how do I know which is she working?

Call us to one of the clubs where you willingly provide information when and where they will present particular girl, or we will recommend another girl, who has the same specialty and the type of your chosen girl similar.


Sweet Paradise and Sweet Paradise DOLLY – two of the best nightclubs in Prague. In the club Sweet Paradise you can expect not just beautiful girls ‘peaches and cream’ from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also exotic beauties who like to live by the motto – my customer, my lord. You can use totally free taxi between the two clubs to check out the clubs, girls and thus experience the atmosphere of both clubs, where each room is uniquely situated. It is worth to point out an escort service and a nice VIP lounge from where you just will not want to leave. In nightclubs Sweet Paradise you will find the perfect feeling of comfort, relaxation and happiness – all this in a society of perfect beauties. Nightclubs Sweet Paradise are synonymous with entertainment.

What Sweet Paradise say about themselves?

Two of the best clubs in Prague. Everything what a real man needs to perfect well-being and happiness, luxurious environment, prices of drinks and services that won’t shock You, but more likely surprise You pleasantly!

We have a large selection of beautiful girls from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia for night club or escort servis.

Night club Sweet Paradise - DOLLY

Chelčického 5, Prague 3

We’ll let You flow freely through the paradise full of beautiful ladies, ready to fulfil Your expectations, hopes and dreams. Sexy girls will give You an attention in the cozy rooms of clubs, as well as in Your hotel or private.

Well-stocked bar with a great selection of traditional drinks and cocktails will definitely satisfy You.

Night club Sweet Paradise

Slezská 75, Prague 3

How did you like the Sweet Paradise, did the club meet your expectations? We hope that you enjoyed unleashed sexual pleasure or you were spoiled by sexy striptease from one of the sexy girls. We believe that if you ordered the escort, it was perfect! We know that the sexy girls from Sweet Paradise 100% care and fulfill all your wishes! If you visited one of the branches of Sweet Paradise visit, we will be happy for your review. Sexy girls from Sweet Paradise it can really party hard, and it’s up to you whether you will take part in. Challenge?