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9:30 – 22:00

Massage Luxury – an appealing name for some of the best erotic massages in Prague, where young, flexible and very sexy girls do almost anything for your satisfaction = their goal. Massage Luxury is a perfect place to relax, where you will enjoy an unforgettable experience in the company of your chosen sexy girl. From the beginning, with a shower, a change of touches, autoerotics, till the culmination that your sexy girl – the masseuse will take care of. If one is not enough for you and you want something more, try the lesbian show where two sexy girls who will play with you will be asking for your touches and will take care of your full satisfaction.

Clearly one of the best erotic massages you have ever experienced, is not it?

Did both of you enjoy the proces? Did you enjoy the beautiful breasts of a sexy girl or did you like the soft touches that massaged every part of your body? Sexy girls will definitely not determine the number of culminations because your satisfaction is their main goal:). Beautiful surroundings and sexy girls, how better to name erotic massages than just Massage Luxury? We believe you really enjoyed your erotic massage at Massage Luxury – if so, we will be glad if you let us know which sexy girl was the one who fulfilled your secret desires :).

What MASSAGE Luxury say about themselves?

We are pleased to invite to a discreet salon at Prague 2, I.P.Pavlova. Here, you can enjoy relaxation and erotica. We offer erotic, tantra and nuru massages of the whole body (head, neck, cervical spine, back, arms and legs) and groin area. Our masseuses provide body to body massages, breast massage, prostate massage, mutual shower (Aqua massage), autoeroticism and erotic touching, finished by hand.
s our rules!

The masseuses give every one of our clients quality, whole body erotic massage. Are you exhausted from work and in a need of relaxation, reducing stress and experience something extraordinary? Combine the pleasant and the useful with our erotic massage. It’s up to you, if you want to have a conversation during the massage, or just loosen up. Contrary to the private services, a massage is more sensual, as the touch of the masseuses will do miracles with your body. The massages are done by hands and the whole body, and you will see that the magic is not in the sex, but in the touch itself.

We tried to set up an ideal environment for erotic massages. There are 3 cosy rooms offered and the massage itself is performed on a heated mat 2 by 2 metres. Thanks to the soft light, ambient candles and relaxing music, the massage will bring you great pleasure. We have also gift certificates available for your friends.

We are not a private apartment service provider and we do not offer classic or oral sex. No exceptions! We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, whose intentions or behaviour violates our rules!


What should I do if I want to order a massage?

We receive the orders by the phone on the number +420 605 958 304. Using this number, you can also find us on WhatsApp and Viber. Our operator makes reservation or she offers you another term in the case of occupied term or she offers you another girl in your chosen time. Using this number, you can also find us on WhatsApp and Viber.

May I take my friend or colleague with me?

Sure. If you want to bring your friend, colleague or business partner with you, we will offer you separate rooms, where our skilled and very pleasant masseuses will pay attention to you. And then you can tell to each other your experiences after the end of massage.

Is it possible to re-order or cancel massage?

Of course. But please, let us know by the phone as soon as it’s possible. We will tell to our masseuse to not count with you.

Is it possible to order massage outside the salon – for example at home / in hotel?

Yes. Freshly you can order the massage to the hotel. But not to your home or apartment. It has to be hotel with reception.

Can I pay by card?

No. Unfortunately we don’t have payment terminal and we receive payment in cash only. We accept czech crowns, dollars and euros.

Do you offer vouchers?

Yes, you can order voucher for services of our salon. You can pick it personally. If you want to buy this voucher, please connect with us by the phone or e-mail.

Do you provide oral or classic sex or kissing?

No, we don’t provide these kinds of services and it’s not possible to pay for them.

Is there any age restrictions?

We provide erotic massage only to persons who achieves 18 years old and further.

What does the erotic massage involve?

The erotic massage starts with shared shower, then continues with regenerative massage and ends with your orgasm. All along you will listen to quiet and calm music, you can talk to the masseuse during the massage and it’s possible to finish the whole experience with the shared shower again.

How long does it take to have a shower or bath with a masseuse?

It’s just up to you. Only you determine the time which you want to spend with our beautiful masseuse in shared shower or bath. But don’t forget that this time in shower or bath is still counting to the time which the masseuse has dedicated for you.

How will the masseuse be dressed?

The masseuse wears sexy underwear at the beginning, which she will take off during the massage and she will be totally naked in front of you.

Is it possible to touch the masseuses? And if so, where?

Yes. The mutual touches are based on common agreement with the masseuse and common sympathy between you and the girl.

How long does it take for massage of intimate parts?

It’s just up to you. You can adapt the process of massage to your desires. It’s possible to make some parts faster or just jump some ones straight.

Is it possible to satisfy each other?

You can touch the masseuse’s body. She can satisfy herself in front of you and you can stroke her at that moment. But the specific process of massage you will talk to masseause directly. And she make the limits which you have to respect.

Is it possible to spray a masseuse?

Mostly yes, usually on her belly or breasts. Or based on an agreement with the masseuse.
If you have another question you can follow our notes or ask our operator: +420 605 958 304 (WhatsApp / Viber available).

Is it possible to satisfy each other?

Free non-alcoholic drinks, coffee and tee are included.

!We are not provide oral or classic sex!