Discover unique combination of the historical Art Nouveau building atmosphere and high level service and entertainment, in the heart of Prague.

Experience vibrating atmosphere of one of the oldest casinos in Prague.

Casino Ambassador, a member of VIP Club Casino, is considered to be one of the oldest casinos in Prague – the history of the casino dates back to 1992. Casino Ambassador is located on Wenceslas Square 5-7, at the Ambassador Hotel and offers a lot of electronic and live games – Black Jack, Oasis Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker and Pontoon. It is banned to take photos at Casino Ambassador, so do not worry about your privacy. All the staff is very kind and helpful, so there is a very friendly atmosphere. Casino Ambassador is attended by both professional poker players and players for whom the game is fun and relaxing. Casino Ambassador is attended by players of different cultures, from all around of the world – that is why the casino has always been a great atmosphere and long-term friendship can be found. If you visit Prague, you also have to visit the Casino Ambassador, which is considered to be a game paradise.


Roulette is a simple and dynamic game. The player bets his chips purchased at the roulette table on numbers or on outside bets (color, dozen, column, etc.). After the ball stops, the dealer always marks the winning number and pays the winners. Then he starts a new game.


Black Jack is played with six decks of 52 cards each. The total value of the player’s cards must be higher than that of the dealer, but may not exceed 21. If the player‘s total is the same as the dealer’s, it is a stand-off. The best possible hand is Black Jack (an Ace and any 10 value card) is paid in a ration of 3:2.

Texas Hold´em Poker

Poker is always played with one pack of 52 cards in four suits. A game of poker is divided into several betting rounds, during which the players contribute to the pot and receive or exchange cards. The number of rounds depends on the type of poker. Minimum and maximum bets are 10/20, 25/50, 50/100.

Oasis Poker

The goal of the game is to have a higher card than the dealer. The game starts with the player placing his bet in the ANTE box. The dealer than deals out five cards to every player, including the dealer. All cards are dealt out face down, except for the dealer’s fifth card, which is dealt face up. The player decides whether to end the game or to continue. The player can change one card for his ANTE bet for a buy fee.


Since the establishment in 1992, VIP Club company is based on high professionalism and discreetness.

Years of valuable experience are reflected in the quality of provided services, which are continuously being improved. Casino Ambassador is being operated since 1992, which makes it one of the oldest existing casino in Prague. During that time, Casino Ambassador rightfully gained reputation of traditional and honest gaming paradise. Majority of its visitors is comprised of stable clientele. Some of them are happily visiting us for more than 20 years.

Also, Casino Panorama is constantly proving its good name by number of returning players. VIP Club company is operating casino since 1992, and from the beginning, provided services are based on professional care, reliability and ability to satisfy demanding clientele.



Did you walk through Wenceslas Square making it through to Casino Ambassador, which is one of the oldest and most visited casinos in Prague? Did you know when you played American roulette in the casino or poker that you are playing in a casino that’s history dates back to 1992? Have you played a US roulette at the casino, or have you tried other casino games such as Black Jack, Oasis Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker or Pontoon? Or did you prefer to play on slot machines that can be found everywhere in casino? Did you know that Casino Ambassador offers several specialties – such as renting a mobile casino including service or a romantic three-course dinner including games token? If you have visited Casino Amassador, we will be happy to know how you liked it there.